Direct Mail

Direct Mail


We help our clients communicate more effectively with their customers and prospects. We provide a complete in-house, single-source, multi-channel communications solution for all fulfilment, direct mail and response handling needs.

Different consumers will want to interact with your company and brand in different ways. Taking advantage of multiple channels enables you to connect via their preferred method. Offering both complementary online and offline communication routes ensures no particular segment of a customer or prospect base is alienated.

To support our multi-channel offering we utilise the following in-house services: direct mail, email, SMS, transactional mail, product fulfilment, time critical customer communications, response handling through web, email, phone and postal responses, response channel analysis and data cleansing & enhancement.

Central to our whole operation is our communications tool ‘Connect’, which is reconfigurable to your specific requirements. In essence, the system is designed to:

  • Automate all known data feeds e.g. loading of manually captured postal responses, web requests and data from call centres
  • Cleanse all data
  • Automate outputs for fulfilment, email & SMS communications
  • Automate extracts to FTP sites
  • Automate output and delivery of reports

With one point of contact to manage every aspect of your communication needs, time is freed up for you to refocus your energies where they are needed most.